Kennel or Pet Sitter?

Kennels and doggie daycares are great for some of our four-legged friends.  They can prove valuable places for your dog to learn social skills and interact with other dogs.  For others, there are many reasons to choose personalized, in-home care.

  • Kennels can be cold, unfamiliar places.  Being away from you can be stressful enough.  Add that to being in a strange environment with unknown people and this can cause a great deal of unnecessary anxiety for your pet.
  • Even the cleanest facility still presents a risk of communicable diseases and parasites.  This can be both uncomfortable for your pets and costly for you.
  • Using an in-home service keeps you from having to pack up your pets and their belongings, schlepping them to a facility, and bringing them home when done.
  • With an in-home sitter there’s no worries about arriving late to pick them up & being charged a late fee.
  • With in-home overnight care, your home is also being watched by a responsible, fully-insured professional.


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