Reviews & Testimonials


2014-11-15 Shadow-whose more interesting me or that computer“Karen has cared for my cat Shadow for several years and done a great job. She cares deeply about pets and will give them her best care.”

Maureen B., Madrona

“Have known Karen for many years, and have always trusted her with my cats when I couldn’t be there. Everything from ensuring that they get grooming and treats, to the trips to the vet, to elder care and giving medications. She is a knowledgeable and compassionate animal lover.”

Mary S., Madrona



“Karen has been great! We have 3 mini-daschunds (ages 2, 5, and 10 in human years) that can be a handful together. Karen always meets each of their needs – each dog prefers different activities i.e. petting, playing tug of war, and playing fetch – and I came home a bit early a few times to see her multitasking to do all three activities at once! She offers words of advice to make handling the puppies easier, keeps them on schedule, and really cares about animals. It is good to know my puppies are in such good hands and are always excited to see her!”

Rebecca C., Crown Hill


Sweet Otis

“Karen has been providing pet sitting services – both day services and overnight stays – for us for more than 7 years. She is reliable and trustworthy. She is skilled at giving pills to our animals (dogs and cats) when necessary. Our dogs obviously like her because when they see her in the neighborhood caring for other pets, their tails wag like crazy. If you want peace of mind while you are away from your pets, Karen is the person to call!”

Patti W., Madrona